Supplying the best to the best

Arja textile is a reputable unique leading company in the textile industry in Palestine.
We offer a complete consequent process of production starting from knitting various kinds of yarns until the finished ready- made clothes.
The mill , based in Beit Jala , houses the latest specialized equipment needed to produce the premium quality products . The Arja textile name is renowned for.
We are a privet corporation , that is the result of a long story started in 1971, grasping the experience of the market through the years , challenging all the obstacles and expanding to satisfy our customers needs and wants.
We produce a broad selection of manufactured products.
The fabrics we produce are: Single Rib, Leazled Fleece , Interlock ( Leazled and unleazled ) , in addition to the lykra fabrics that are knitted from various types of yarns , from which are : cotton, polyester, polyester cotton , and spandex.
All these yarns are knitted according to the customers requested standards regarding the weight \ cm, and width by using a state of the art technological machinery that work on the circle method of producing fabrics. The fleece and the Interlock fabrics are raised using a teazlegig . This machine gently brushes the loop with teazles to create the soft lustrous products.