The Garment Department

This is the place where fabric is transformed into fascinating models for both genders of most sizes, we produce T- shirts , Sweatshirts , Training Suits , Pajamas, Shorts, Pants, Dresses , etc. that are all made to meet the customers diverse desires and to cope with up to date fashion. This department constitute of different consequent activities , they are:

Cutting ,

in which the knowledge and experience are gathered to perfectly produce design.


Sewing ,

in which the processing circle is completed to come out with the perfect product.


Printing ,

we here employ state of the art technology .This sector is willing to produce up to five - color paint prints in one round with high capacity, in addition to paper prints and the other various kinds.


Embroidery ,

we have designated 12 heads of our embroidery machine to consort any filament color with the desired computer design.


Finishing and Packaging ,

where the products are well prepared to be delivered to our customers.

Arja Textiles design team sources yarns, textures, and colors from around the world , offering a unique Palestinian products whilst encompassing the latest trends the world has to offer .

We are proud to stand behind the quality of our products.